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Screaming Shaking Face Card

Screaming Shaking Face Card

£11.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price

This card just wants somebody to love. Sadly though you're going to rip its sweet face off. There's no bones about it, this is a humerus birthday card. Cover your ears and tickle their funny bone!

A truly different 3D scream and shake birthday card ☠️

Hilarious Design 🤣 
This stupidly funny b'day card immediately starts screaming and shaking upon opening!

Screaming Sound 🗣️ Open the card to 'rip its face off' and unleash an incredibly loud & hysterical scream catching everyone off guard

Shaking Eyeballs ↕️ 3D pop-up eyes rigorously shake in unison with the skeleton's unhinged screams. There's just so much going on when this card is opened!

Gets A Reaction 😮 Loved ones won't forget your original and funny birthday card! Family, friends, kids and partners alike may wonder if you've lost the plot entirely by gifting this completely unhinged card...

Eye Catching Details 👀 The front of the card features laser eye hole cut outs, so the lucky receiver can peer into the soul of your skeleton before destroying its beautiful face!

Long-lasting 🎁  Will play over 2,000 times, lasting 20 seconds each so the best b'day card ever can be enjoyed over and over again

High-Quality Materials 💪
FSC certified and responsibly sourced
Premium grade paper stock
High gloss, full, double sided colour
Large A5 size
Includes coloured envelope
Small UK business (Hi there!)

Front message: Hello, I'm your birthday card
Inside message: AARGGGHHH YOU RIPPED MY FACE OFF! What's wrong with you?! My beautiful face. I was only wishing you a happy birthday. Ohh geez.

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